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International Journal of ePortfolio

We are pleased to announce that the impressive work of Connect to Learning campus ePortfolio leaders is featured in the newest issue of the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP), available at

This special research issue features articles from four Connect to Learning (C2L) campuses, plus a syncretic essay spotlighting the key research findings emerging from our collective three year project.

We’d like to congratulate our colleagues from Manhattanville, IUPUI, Northeastern, and Salt Lake Community College for their significant contributions to ePortfolio research and insightful articles. And we want to thank everyone in C2L for helping to shape the overview article – “What Difference Can ePortfolio Make? A Field Report from the Connect to Learning Project.”

– In “ePortfolio as a Catalyst for Change in Teaching: An Autoethnographic Examination of Transformation,” Alison Carson, Sherie McClam, Jim Frank and Gillian Hannum introduce a theoretical framework to examine the experiences that led to transformation in their teaching.

– In “Using an ePortfolio to Assess the Outcomes of a First-Year Seminar: Student Narrative and Authentic Assessment” IUPUI’s Catherine Buyarski and Cynthia Landis discuss their findings of ePortfolio-supported assessment of student learning, including self understanding and career exploration – in a first year seminar course.

– In “ePortfolios and Audience: Teaching a Critical Twenty-First Century Skill,” NEU’s Chris Gallagher and Laurie Poklop report on their three-year investigation into how ePortfolios support learning about audience in a first-year writing class.

– In “A Framework for General Education Assessment: Assessing Information Literacy and Quantitative Literacy with ePortfolios,” SLCC’s David Hubert and Kati Lewis present their findings of an authentic and holistic ePortfolio assessment of General Education learning outcomes, particularly focusing on quantitative literacy and information literacy.

Finally, in addition to these and other smart articles, this issue of IJeP also features an article (by Eynon, Gambino and Torok), highlighting our collective work through C2L.

“What Difference Can ePortfolio Make? A Field Report from the Connect to Learning Project” shares our findings, spotlighting the multi-campus evidence supporting three propositions: 1) ePortfolio initiatives advance student success; 2) making student learning visible, ePortfolio initiatives support reflection, social pedagogy, and deep learning; and 3) ePortfolio initiatives catalyze learning-centered institutional change.

We’re delighted to share this valuable ePortfolio resource with you, and we encourage you to check out all of the articles and the introductory essay, which argues persuasively for the importance of extending our research into role of ePortfolio in shaping student learning outcomes. We see the essential role of C2L teams in this special issue of a peer-reviewed journal as a testament to the power and depth of all our shared work and its value to the field.

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